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東アフリカの伝統布カンガから模様を切り抜き、再構成する。本来のパターンや法則から解放された色とりどりの模様は、あるときは作家の手によって、あるときはナイロビの街かどで公開制作されるワークショップの参加者たちの手によっ て、新たな秩序や物語を模索し、独特で美しい形を生み出す。このような過程を経た布作品は、行商人たちに個性的に身にまとわれ、渋滞で混み合うナイロビの主要道路をキャットウォークにみたてたファッションショーで発表された。

A series of works titled KANGAERU are produced through clipping and re-composing different patterns of Kanga, very traditional cloth from the East African region. The patterns in different colors are set free from traditional arrangements and rules, and seek for a new type of order and story by hands of the artist on one occasion, or by hands of participants into workshops that are publicly held on the street on the other occasions, then they are transformed into a unique and beautiful form of patterns. The works were put on by street vendors who always dress themselves in a variety of everyday products in a very unique way on the streets. Those street vendors walked step by step on a congested main road in Nairobi like on a catwalk in fashion show.