Laundry of the Senses


In Japan today, we take it for granted that laundry can be done using a washing machine. This installation attempts to re-examine laundry as a creative act that opens up our senses. Regarding laundry as an interface for the public and private, people take their laundry to a public park to wash it by hand and then hang it out to dry around the community like national flags, decorating the local area with something that is highly personal. A truck is loaded with a tank of water as well as tubs and washboards. Music is played as the participants wash their clothes by hand. Watercolor paintings are made of the laundry landscape. The act of people trying on the dried clothes is filmed. The documentation of the workshop was reconfigured as a record of the simultaneously old yet new way of living that is the act of washing clothes, and presented in an exhibition venue as an installation.

Laundry of the Senses, 2016
Workshop: 2016, Saitama Triennale, Seinansakura Park, Saitama, Japan
Installation view: Saitama Triennale, 2016, The former Folk Culture Center, Saitama, Japan | Photo by Photo: Koichiro Kutsuna, Arecibo
Laundry of the Senses in Onahama, 2017
Workshop: 2017, Onahama, Fukushima, Japan | Photo by Chihiro Matsushita
“Laundry of the Senses” Iwaki Tour, 2017-2019
“Laundry of the Senses” Installation in Iwaki, 2019
Installation view: “Laundry of the Senses” Installation in Iwaki, 2019, Alios Iwaki Performing Arts Center, Fukushima, Japan | Photo by Masanobu Nishino
Installation view: Tokyo Biennale, 2021-2022, Ebihara Shoten, Tokyo, Japan
Laundry of the Senses in Ginza, 2019
Installation view: Laundry of the Senses in Ginza, 2019, Sukiyabashi Park, Tokyo, Japan | Photo by Tatsuya Hirota
Installation view: Funahashi Watasu, 2021, Nara Prefectural University, Nara, Japan