Workcoat (Overall: Steam Locomotive)

「MIROKU NARA by THE SHARE HOTELS」のためのユニフォーム。ケニアのナイロビで住民の服を元につくられた蒸気機関車とその一行(協力してくれた鉄道会社の社員が緑のワークコートを着ている)が、大陸をこえて奈良に辿り着き、正倉院にある最古の染色技法の「ろうけつ染め」と出会ったという物語を形にした。ホテルのコンセプトである「共生する奈良」を表すように、15着のユニフォームは一枚として同じ模様がない。

This uniform was created for MIROKU NARA by THE SHARE HOTELS. It tells the story of a steam locomotive, which was made in Nairobi, Kenya, from the clothes of locals and some of the people involved (wearing the green work coats of the railroad company that helped), and then crossed the oceans to arrive in Nara, and encountered roketsuzome, the oldest dyeing technique in Japan, at Shoso-in, the treasure house of the temple Todai-ji. In keeping with the hotel concept of a symbiotic Nara, the fifteen uniforms all feature different patterns.

Year of production: 2021 | In collaboration with Yukiko Nakai