Self-Select: The Archive


Self-Select: The Archive is clothing designed to enable a simulated experience of the Self-Select series. The clothing items are highly adjustable, with rubber and so on allowing the wearer to make changes in several places. The clothes were already adjusted by someone else in both a physical and spiritual sense. After trying them on, you are able to modify them freely and then try them on again. In this way, the clothing becomes a medium that records a memory of you. And this subsequently has an effect on a complete stranger.

Photo by Miyo Ogawa
Installation view: Self-Select: The Archive, 2023, narafamily, Nara, Japan | Photo by Natsumi Kinugasa

Self-Select: The Archive

Artist: Yoshinari Nishio

Modelist: Kinue Fukuoka

Project maneger: Sakiko Nishio, Asuka Nakashima

In collaboration with Seiji Takizawa, Munenori Horimoto, Runa Honda, Sae Maruyama, Natsumi Mizoguchi