Self-Select: Migrants in Tokyo


Four migrants living in Tokyo attempted to exchange their clothes with Japanese members of the public on the streets of the city. Based on that experience, they made new clothing for themselves in a workshop. The venue was a place for exchange with visitors, hosting meetings, editing, and exhibits of photography and video that were updated, and showing the clothes being made. Exploring the relationship between migrants and residents, the project aimed to create a place for thinking about our own clothing and culture, and about self-expression and what it means to cross borders.

Self-Select: Migrants in Tokyo (phase 1), 2017
Self-Select: Migrants in Tokyo (phase 2), 2017
Installation view: Socially Engaged Art, 2017, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan | Space design: TSUBAME ARCHITECTS | Photo by Kenta Hasegawa
Installation view: MATOWARITSUKU, 2017, ARTZONE, Kyoto, Japan | Photo by Yuki Moriya