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「助けてください 早く終れますように」


“Closing Down: Everything Must Go”

“Please help: We want to close down soon!”

These are examples of handwritten messages a store owner put up in a shopping street. A very particular take on the usual style of advertising a closing-down sale, they evince the unique character of the shop. Thinking it a shame that such an interesting shop would actually close down and disappear from the area, Yoshinari Nishio also felt a connection between this and the challenges of holding art projects in a community with temporarily installed artworks: How can we record something that is eventually going to disappear? This led to the idea of archiving shops. Wandering around a shopping street, it is apparent that shops have their own policies and aesthetics, and operate according to certain demographics that they serve. This means it is possible that a person might go to one shop but never to another. In his clothing-based practice, Nishio likens the process of re-examining what we take for granted as normal or common sense to the act of getting dressed or changing our clothes. Approaching the project from the twin perspectives of archiving a shop and trying on clothes, Nishio conceived a project in which the fitting room—the place at the center of the act of trying on and changing clothes in a clothing store—transforms into an exhibition space, and in which shops themselves try on different “clothes” or the space changes clothes (teleports) when someone enters the fitting room. Nishio exhibited an archive of Store C in the fitting room of Store A, an archive of Store A in the fitting room of Store B, and an archive of Store B in the fitting room of Store C.

Screen Play: Beats Base, 2023, men’s MAEDA, Yamaguchi, Japan | Display design: Chisato Murakami
Screen Play: men’s MAEDA, 2023, MARUYA SPORTS / Triple Double, Yamaguchi, Japan | Display design: Satsuki Osaki
Screen Play: MARUYA SPORTS / Triple Double, 2023, Beats Base, Yamaguchi, Japan | Display design: Yukimi Yoshino

Screen Play

Producer: Kotaro Miyake, Daisuke Yamashiro

Artist: Yoshinari Nishio

Program manager: Ioto Yamaguchi