DATSUEBA / Dress-Up House


DATSUEBA takes inspiration from a changing room (in Japanese, datsuiba) where you remove your clothes on your way to the place where you cleanse your mind and soul, and from the eponymous supernatural creature whose name literally means “old woman who strips clothes,” and who is said to wait by the Sanzu, the river separating the worlds of the living and the dead, ready to take off the clothing of the deceased as their cross. DATSUEBA was both Yoshinari Nishio’s studio and a laboratory, opened in Nara in 2022 for a year as a place where anyone, young and old, with an interest in clothes, art, and ways of living can discard the everyday and turn over a new leaf. DATSUEBA has subsequently reopened in Shibuya and Roppongi, Tokyo, for limited periods. Sharing the same concept as DATSUEBA, Dress-Up House frequently takes the guise of a solo exhibition and features site-specific works made to match the venue. People are able to try on Nishio’s past creations and interact with other participants.

DATSUEBA, 2022-2023 | Space design: Yagyug Douguten | Photo by Natsumi Kinugasa
Dress-Up House | Installation view: Tokyo Biennale, 2020-2021, Ebihara Shoten, Tokyo, Japan | Photo by Tada (YUKAI)
Dress-Up House | Workshop: 2021, Tokyo Biennale, Ebihara Shoten, Tokyo, Japan

Dress-Up House Executive Committee

Director: Yumi Shishido

Artist: Yoshinari Nishio

Coordinator: Kaori Iwama

In collaboration with Yoshiya Ebihara