People's House

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A mass of old clothes circulate around 3 stages, fluctuating between disassemble and re-assemble. In the first stage titled Overall, local citizens cooperate to reconstruct a giant lost object with patchworks created from old clothes collected in the specific area around the world. Memories of the motif are revived by the Overall, just as the clothes of the departed remind you of them. This project promotes reconsideration of the origins of their own hometown, dialogue among citizens, and opportunities to share the experience of creating a new landscape in the town. In the second stage titled People’s House [House], the works of Overall are collected at a specific place from the world over, then disassembled and united into a more elaborate patchwork. The patchwork is made up into a huge size of clothes to make a house into which a lot of people gather and talk with each other. In the final stage titled People’s House [Clothes], the house is also disassembled into every piece of clothe regarded as a small house. Then the clothes are returned, as everyday wear, to each hand of citizens among many parts of the world.